Becky's Breads -  Lexington 

I’ve loved baking since I was eight. It all started with hot waffles. Mom tasted them and said I could take over. I was hooked! The next step was (of course!) chocolate chip cookies, but my little self decided to take a risk. What if I put my cookie dough into a pie tin? The idea was new to me and I proudly called my experiment Chocolate Chip PIE. After that, my Dad would regularly ask me to make it and my success spurred me on. People liked my work and I liked working at it!

During college I would surprise my roommates with new recipes I discovered over the weekend. They were always grateful for my yummy, late-night study snacks and I was grateful they were grateful! Life changed after getting married and starting a family, but not my baking. I have fun trying out new recipes and improving old ones. I love the creative outlet and it’s a great way for me to unwind.

Nowadays I keep my recipes simple and I keep them - starting with locally grown flour from Kentucky Proud Weisenberger Mills in Midway, KY. I especially like baking my signature Pumpkin Breads, because they are so moist and sweet and full of flavor! I’m excited for you to try my different breads, cookies and brownies. I love them and I hope you do too!


Clover Hilltop Farm 

        Tim and Diane Vetter  - Wilmore

Tim and Diane Vetters of Clover Hilltop Farm have been growing vegetables here
Jessamine County since the early 1990s. As the demand for locally-grown food
increased, they have continued to learn innovative ways to grow food
and in harmony with nature.
The Vetters family grows a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, as well as

plant starts for those who wish to grow their own!
In addition to plant production, Tim teaches art and pottery classes, Diane tutors

, they raise dairy goats and are very active at First
Lexington. They have three children, mostly grown, all of whom shared in the
of the farm. Home or away, they all love the peaceful farm life.
Visitors are always welcome at their farm on Clear Creek Road. They love to get

know their customers and show them where their food comes from.

Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables

          Kirby Overman - Lancaster

Maiden America

          Babette Overman - Lancaster


Overman’​s Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables - a lifetime dedicated to local quality.  Selected as the 2017 Favorite Farmer of the Year by Louisville and Bluegrass Edible magazine.
What makes Overman’s Fruits and Vegetables special are roots solidly planted in the richness of Kentucky soil and the pride of doing things right. 

 It’s a legacy of a 4-H commitment, life as a farmer’s daughter, teaching and coaching young people and building a State Championship basketball team.  

The Overman’s know that local resources combined with quality are essential to sustainable success.  Being a part of the local community as teachers and coaches, taught the Overman’s that nothing is stronger than what is close to your heart.  

New in 2019- is an educational garden at their Marksbury farm location. Visitors are invited to walk this special garden filled with a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Group tours with speakers are available upon request.
Awards are wonderful and part of th
e the Overman’s bring to you.  From 4-H ribbons to State Fair Championships, coaching in 3 state teams that were champions, their service on agricultural boards, you  can be confident the best is what you get.

 Many of the finest local restaurants and Farm to School programs are proud to make Overman’s Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables an essential component of their menus.
Every fruit, vegetable, or product that carries the Overman’s Bluegrass or Maiden America label is the result of this process and brings the best locally grown produce to your table.
 Just like your family and friends when you serve them Overman’s Bluegrass, we know you’ll be back for seconds.
" Bluegrass Fruits and Vegetables- Kirby Overman and, wife- Babette from Lancaster - Garrard County - after retiring from 47 years of coaching and teaching his upbringing in Indiana and love for gardening has brought Kirby to the BGFM for the past 10 years with a wide  selection of produce. He is known for his selection of heirloom tomatoes and is a blue ribbon and champion winner  in many categories at the  Kentucky State Fair for the past 7 years.

Spring  LLC -  Nicholasville

Ours is a family farm which has been operating for generations. We raise grass fed and grass finished beef. We will be offering single cut samples at the Nicholasville Farmers Market in 2019. And if you visit at the right even a cooked morsel. We think you will find our beef to be more flavorful, full of nutrients and best of all local.

We like to think that we grow grass not cattle. We strive for a sustainable pasture using rotational grazing which looks to promote soil health, lower pollution levels and be environmentally friendly. We wanted our beef to graze rich pasture until harvest. We wanted treatment thru all phases.

Find our farm location signs on Brannon Road, Nicholasville. For more our website: Email us any questions you may have.

See you at the Nicholasville Farmers Market





















































































































































































































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